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Now Thats Entertainment
James Alton - Founder

James Alton has been in the entertainment business for over 10 years, and after a (less than successful!) appearance on the X Factor in 2017 took a good long look at the format and decided it wasn't right to be such a closed method of doing things. Loads of people out there worldwide would never put themselves through that on TV in such an intimidating and subjective way. There must be a better platform for the talented and gifted to show themselves off to the world.....

An online entertainment competition

In early 2018 James came up with a brand new format. Open to all no matter who, or where, or what. Online submissions, so no scary studio appearances or risking humiliation in front of a desk of so-called judges. Make a video, send it in, be considered, and maybe win the whole competition! NOW THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT was born, and keeps going from strength to strength - an online only talent competition, never seen before anywhere in the world, and it's attracting a LOT of attention, including from some big hitters in the media industry. Look out TV Talent Competitions - we're coming to take your crown!